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Networking Seminars will host our 8th Annual Film Finance Summit on Friday, June 12, 2015  at the Shore Hotel located at 1515 Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, CA. 

The Film Finance Summit will focus on  strategies and methods used by producers and financiers to secure development and production finance for films and television productions. This Summit is where film industry experts converge, network and exchange the latest trends in film financing.  This Summit brings together a senior roster of film finance executives from independent producers, studio executives and legal and tax advisors to share practical experience and technical knowledge on the complex issues involved in financing film and television productions.

This Summit is for film and television professionals, film & television producers, finance executives, bankers, venture capitalists, high-net worth individuals, private equity & hedge fund executives, production & post-production executives, entertainment attorneys, finance & tax executives, digital distribution executives, film distributors, studio executives and filmmakers.

Attendee Testimonials:

  • "Very informative. Was right on target with the subject matter. I learned a lot about how to start a film and how to receive funding for one. Excellent seminar"
  • "The industry insiders really know their stuff. So many layers of useful information! A jolt to keep forward progress."
  • "The seminar was very well done. The topics told the real story."
  • "I especially found the first session helpful in explaining the industry and how the start of the film financing works."
  • "For filmmakers this is a great resource, which removed a bit of the mystery surrounding finance. Approached topics with honesty." “It was an excellent opportunity to brush up on the current trends and network with people. The panelists and moderators were top professionals who were very accommodating and erudite in their respective fields.  My favorite topic was the ‘film financing mechanics’ presentation. Understanding financing is an important aspect of filmmaking and one can never have too much information about it. Getting the overview will help in the future as a starting point when these transactions require more detailed knowledge.

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